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A little bit about glass art and why it is so admired by art lovers and non-art lovers everywhere. One main reason why is that it is an amazing form of art that makes a beautiful decorative statement in your home. It's safe to say that some of the most beautiful and creative art pieces have been made from glass and the artists that continue to create these new and exciting designs that are enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Glass can be more versatile than most people might think. Glass can be fashioned into almost any shape and color. What this does is it allows the artist to be more creative and make designs that simply astonish people.

Below are a few of the ways to work with glass:

Glass Blowing - What this method involves is taking a piece of molten glass and inflating it to make a bubble design. This can be done by either a blow tube or a blowpipe and is used to shape the hand-blown glass into decorative art pieces.

Glass Beadmaking - An interesting fact is that beadmaking is the oldest form of art glass that is made and dates back centuries and is still done to this day.

Stained Glass - Most people know what stained glass windows are. When stained glass art was first introduced it was mostly used as decorative windows for cathedrals and churches. Lately though, modern stained glass art can now be found in sculptures and three-dimensional art pieces.